They said there’d be glowing and shit…

After finding out I was expecting at 4 weeks – I had a wonderful week and a bit of blissful pregnancy, literally walking around thinking I was nailing this pregnancy shit. (oh, first timers – ignorance is bliss)


I will be doing a blog post of ALL of my pregnancy symptoms however, it feels only right, to give this wonderful one it’s own little corner of the internet for any other first time mamas to read and feel: A. super chuffed because they have had no nausea or B. thankful that others have been just as miserable as them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have HG* thankfully and I am so impressed with the volume of women in the UK that go through this awful experience and so grateful every day that I am not one of them.

HG* = Hyperemesis Gravidarum – persistent severe vomiting leading to weight loss and dehydration, as a condition occurring during pregnancy with most ending in continuous hospitalisation.

Yes, I have had persistent vomiting but, I have managed to force feed myself food and water and some of the time (albeit a small amount) managed to keep it down. Basically, I have managed to save myself from dehydration – even though I did end up at the Doctors twice with suspected dehydration but luckily I was always sent home with some more antiemetics (stop-being-sick pills) and advice.

So, it all started slowly with what felt like motion sickness here and there. It peaked one lovely Sunday evening when Andy and Cleo were having a Chinese and the smell hit me in the hallway – within seconds I was vomiting my nutritious meal for the day of cucumbers and water.

Since then, it all went downhill – you develop this wonderful cycle of nausea, taking an antiemetic, severe hunger which leads to nausea, eating, nausea, taking an antiemetic – you get the picture, right?

The nausea stopped me right in my tracks and I went from a social, pretty positive person to someone who wanted to be in bed on my own all the time and I literally hated everyone and didn’t want to see ANYONE including my Other Half. (By the way, that’s a problem when you live with them, thankfully, he is AMAZING and just left me alone and fetched me things when I was cranky and vomiting my life away.)

The only thing that got me through was the permanent idea/advice that at 12 weeks it all disappeared as the placenta took over producing hormones for my baby and my body wasn’t being as drained – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this was a lie for me. I am currently nearly 15 weeks and I spent the best part of last night on my bathroom floor with a pillow. Sometimes, if I’m feeling especially risky, I sit on my kitchen floor with my back door open and my trustee bucket. But honestly, I’m just one of those people that hates being sick anywhere other than the toilet – other than when intoxicated, of course.

So, enough about vomit, here’s a small list of things that get me through the nausea (sometimes). OH! Also, please note that this is my own personal experience and absolutely everyone’s pregnancies are different but if I can even help one person who is feeling awful, that’s enough for me!

  1. AIR! Go outside, get some fresh air – luckily it’s permanently 0 degrees in Scotland right now which is perfect for me.
  2. When you feel that thick hot saliva feeling in your mouth, take a sip of water and hold it in your mouth – slowly sipping it down. This should cool down your mouth and maybe stop you from losing your lunch.
  3. Fruit and vegetables high in water – cucumbers and watermelon. They hydrate you and trick your body into thinking it’s actually eating.
  4. Ice lollies – the shitty kids ice poles. Again, HYDRATE!
  5. Rest. The biggest help for me was being horizontal. It’s the only time I got relief from that overwhelming feeling of nausea.

All my thoughts were invested in self-preservation, knowing that if I continued to be sick my little June bug was potentially gaining less nutrients (I know that’s BS but the guilt is awful) – luckily, I’m slowly learning to deal with the fact that I will probably be sick at least once a day and bouncing back from it a little quicker.

All you nauseous mamas to be – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When you’re lying on that bathroom floor at 9am, 1pm, 4am (because MORNING sickness is a fucking myth) – take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and your midwife/doctor are on hand for you. Ask them for help! The drugs might not help but it may give you a few days of respite.

It’s all for the greater good.

Nadine ♥

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