‘Get Some Sleep While You Still Can!’

… I would, I really wish I could – that’d be fab.

Honestly, I was so excited by the prospect of having an excuse to be asleep the majority of the day. Andy, my Mum, actually telling me off for NOT sleeping – it seemed perfect. Unfortunately, this was just not to be because no one tells you that even though you are gut wrenchingly exhausted 99.9% of the day – your body is like NU UH GIRL KEEP GOING YOU DON’T NEED NO SLEEP. (I don’t know who/what I just channelled there to play the part of my subconscious but I like her, she’s sassy.)

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 15.40.14

During my second trimester, I found that going to sleep around 11pm and waking up around 10am was my jam. Genuinely, if I was waking up any earlier than 10am and attempting to start the day I would just feel completely nauseated and end up with my head down the toilet by approximately 6pm. (Yeah, the nausea has been a thing the whole way through for me – not just the first trimester. WOO!)

Queue the third trimester, I am now much more comfortable with early mornings but find that I’m in need of a nap by around 11am – the great thing is, I can generally persevere without murdering anyone until about 3/4pm and then I really need to lie down. I’m actually okay with this, it means my sleep routine is ever so slightly more stable and I actually enjoy being alert(ish) and awake early on in the day, even if it does mean I’m going to bed between 8pm and 10pm.

Now, this is all bullshit really because between going to bed and waking up in the morning – that is when the fun really happens.

Just a few of my night time rendezvous:

Wake to go to the bathroom (approximately 29399047580 times), wonder if Baby Bear’s okay, count kicks, can’t fall asleep again, finally fall asleep, repeat.

Pelvic pain (holy crap what is that all about by the way?!), my hips feel like they are supporting 20 of me and make the fucking weirdest noises! Round ligament pain (WHY DOES NO ONE TELL YOU ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU’RE PREGNANT?!) Yes, I’m naive – I figured my body would just casually stretch like a blossoming flower to accommodate my growing baby, nope – from below my boobs to my pubic bone feels like a balloon being pulled over a bowling ball. These two symptoms along with casual nausea and back pain mean you spend the first hour or so in bed constantly changing positions like an overly stimulated walrus. Pregnancy pillows are great, but they only do so much and my darling other half seems to be enjoying stealing mine at the minute.

Once I do finally get into that super comfortable position of two pillows propping me up slightly (for the heartburn, of course), my pregnancy pillow under my head tilting me slightly to the left and also between my knees and my feet (to ensure my hips are in the correct position), my snuggly little Eeyore toy firmly in between my pregnancy pillow and my belly to soften that stomach pain and also ensuring that I sleep on my left because IF YOU SLEEP ON YOUR BACK OR YOUR RIGHT SIDE IT CAN RESTRICT THE AIR FLOW TO YOUR BABY AND YOUR PLACENTA AND THEN THE WORLD EXPLODES. Yes, after all of this, I finally find the perfect position and it is glorious, then my little bundle of joy does a playful little kick to say goodnight and low and behold I NEED TO PEE. Back to square one, thank you munchkin.

I can’t sleep, breathe or walk properly – how am I supposed to find the energy to glow?!?! However, pregnancy is the most amazing excuse for feeling like crap EVER. I rant, I rave, I am struggling for sure – he’s testing me quite a bit but I cannot wait to meet my little boy. I am so incredibly in love with someone I have never met and that love grows each and every day (as does the love for my amazing husband to be for actually tolerating this mess)

Just a short while longer, Baby Bear. We love you. ♡Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 15.49.22


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