A ‘Beaut’ of a Discovery – My Beautiful Caravan

I’m going to begin pretty abruptly here as I don’t think My Beautiful Caravan even needs a lengthy intro on this blog. If I were a shop, this would be it – my ‘spirit shop’ if you will.

We decided to take the good ol’ train South to Stonehaven for a wee wander around the beach front, an ice-cream (chips in my case as I don’t like ice cream – wwwaaaattt!) and a general mooch around the area. We had considered moving to Stonehaven numerous times as it is just so entirely up our street in terms of rural, cosy, comfortable village life.

I had been made aware of MBC many times as a wonderful little shop and I knew from my days of strolling Stockbridge in Edinburgh that from the sounds of it, I wouldn’t want to leave. Gosh, I was right.

Firstly, there was a vintage bicycle in the entrance – who doesn’t stop to photograph a Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 14.47.28vintage bicycle in the street if they see one?!?!?! The beautiful sign with my absolute FAVOURITE font (yes, I have a favourite font, or at least a favourite type of font) which is old school typewriter and a general relaxed vibe even from the outside!

We were cautious of taking the pram in but the owner (whom we later came to know as Jennifer) was immediately inviting and insisted on us bringing Rex in too – YAY!

I swear upon entry into this little haven my Husband’s eyes threw a wobble at the sight of my chuffed wee face and knew our bank balance was about to take somewhat of a hit. But honestly, I was struck by the comforting vibe, enticing smells (the candles are DIVINE) and OH MY GOD THERE’S STATIONARY! Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 14.47.39

After a chat with the lovely Jennifer who was amidst a debacle on whether to paint the bunny statues for her window pink or leave them their beautiful shade of gray (now that’s commitment right there), we discovered that she has owned the shop for 3 years after assisting a friend set it up 5 years ago and managing it for 2 years. Jennifer’s background is actually in archives so retail was a jump – but, she knew alongside her friend that they wanted to create a happy space with a quirky retro vibe – well, they definitely accomplished that and Jennifer is leading to complete the legacy for sure.

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 14.48.14Jennifer has worked tirelessly to carefully select a range of unusual gifts, cards, books and homeware and is genuinely in love with every product that she chooses to take pride of place on her shelves.

I picked up a few quirky cards for my home office, the most positive coaster I have ever encountered AND a deck of affirmation cards which were literally exactly what I needed!

I am incredibly humbled and grateful that Jennifer was so keen to have me feature her beautiful shop on the blog + I encourage each and every one of you to have a wander over even if it’s just to sample the kick ass chat provided by Jennifer!!

Follow Jennifer over on Instagram at @mybeautifulcaravan


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