About Me

I guide people to feel capable in their minds + bodies and find beauty in their lives!

Well hello there, thank you for finding my tiny corner of the internet! cropped-screenshot-2019-04-07-at-16.32.05-3.png

My name is Nadine and I am a life coach in training, online health and wellness coach, business developer and proud mama. (I wear a lot of hats!)

I have lived all around the world and have finally settled in my hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. (Yes, it’s as cold as you think it is!) BUT I can now get Irn Bru, Jaffa Cakes and Netflix. I love reading, festivals, keeping fit, self-care, wearing ‘cool mum’ outfits + spending too much money on Amazon.

I have been battling my mental health for a long time. Anxiety is a hazy mist that comes and goes but right at the back of my mind, it never actually leaves. Since having my baby bear, I have also been in a perma-battle with postnatal depression. I am an open and honest person and will go into the nitty gritty of both of these in my posts. (Enjoy!!)

Screenshot 2019-04-20 at 20.58.53I always knew I had a calling in this life, but never quite managed to pinpoint what that was. As soon as I delved into the possibility of training to be a life coach, I felt like I had solved a battle in my head I didn’t even know I was actively participating in. Alongside this, I am an ambassador for a global skincare brand and an online health + wellness coach. Not to even mention my ‘day job’ as a business developer – whoa!

Now, I don’t like the word ‘troubles’ so let’s call what I’m about to talk about ‘learning curves’ – mental health, teenage acne, muscular and skeletal issues – all of these parts of my life are what led me to being exactly where I am now. Therefore, remember, if those ‘learning curves’ hadn’t occurred in your life, you wouldn’t be where you currently are or where you are destined to go.

I decided to take these learning curves in my life and use them to help others such as YOU! So, if you’re ready to be your best self, live your best life + be at your happiest in your own skin